When you become a member of the MMA of Arizona, you are helping make a difference in the ongoing mission to protect your right to ride and enjoy the motorcycle of your choice, your choice of riding apparel, and when and where you can ride a motorcycle.

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At the state level we have a lobbyist who regularly visits our state capital to lobby our legislators on the issues concerning the motorcyclists in Arizona.

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Within The Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona, communication is vital to help our members stay abreast of issues important to MMA-AZ. We encourage our members to join the district for their area.

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  • 14NR36 - EPA Sends Ethanol Regulations to White House

    27 August 2014 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent its final regulations to the White House for Presidential approval, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports. This is the final step...

  • 14NR35 - 30th Annual Meeting of the Minds

    16 August 2014 Do not forget that August 25th is the pre-registration deadline for the 30th Annual Meeting of the Minds to be held in Kansas City, Missouri on September 25th-28th. The...

  • 14NR34 - Highway Funding Bill Clears Congress

    01 August 2014 The United States Congress has agreed on a temporary patch for the highway trust fund, reports the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. The Senate agreed to the House version of the...

  • 14NR33 - Fact or Fiction?

    25 July 2014 There is a safety community in Washington D.C. that is trying to destroy motorcycling as we know it with lies and half truths. This group is a quasi mixture of government and private safety...

  • 14NR32 - Think September

    22 July 2014 While temperatures seem to be hot just about everywhere, we know September is coming. And September 2014 means the 30th Annual Meeting of the Minds (MOTM). September 25th to 28th in...