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I attended a Public Hearing on a proposed addendum to exempt Phoenix Motorcycles from Arizona's vehicle Emissions inspection program at the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality(ADEQ) today.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality(ADEQ) submitted Final Arizona State Implementation Plan Revision, Exemption of Motorcycles from Vehicle Emissions inspections and Maintenance Program Requirements in Area A, October 2009, to EPA on November 6, 2009.

During EPA's review of the exemption request, EPA asked for additional information regarding the impact of the exemption on attainment of the ozone and PM10 NAAQS3. Because of a recent change in the ozone NAAQS, EPA also requested a replacement measure to offset estimated increases in emissions of VOCs, an ozone precursor, due to the exemption.

ADEQ has now done all that has been requested of them and sent further information on to EPA on everything that they requested.

This has been a long process and as ADEQ has worked on everything they continue to keep EPA posted and updated. After our Public Hearing meeting, ADEQ will again forward their information on to EPA and our hope is that EPA doesn't come back asking for anymore.

A special thanks go the folks at ADEQ for all their work in helping on this. The big question on everyone's mind is when will it happen and change for everyone in Maricopa County? We don't know the answer to that and only EPA will be able to tell that once they've completed everything. Our hope still is that it will be done in 2011 and the sooner it can be done in that year, the better it will be for everyone. We've extended the sunset date on this through a bill to make sure EPA has the time they need. We've put to much work into this.

That's all we know at this time and lets hope for a quick turn around by EPA.

Mick Degn
MMA Lobbyist
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